Interior Decorating, Furniture Displays, Store & Fixture Design

Horne's Ad Front Cover White Room Design
Horne’s (Macy’s) Front Cover Ad White LivingĀ  Room Design
White Bedroom
Horne’s (Macy’s) Ad ~ Bedroom Design with Hand Sewn Window Treatments.
Macy's (Horne's) Furniture Ad ~Country Dining Rooms
Horne’s (Macy’s) Ad ~Country Dining Room Design with Hand Painted Floor & Hand Sewn Window Treatments.

Interior Decorating

Nevelwood Livingroom
Nevelwood Living Room Design
Nevelwood Bedroom
Nevelwood Bedroom Design & Handcrafted Window Treatment
Nevelwood Entry
Nevelwood Entry Design with Faux Finished Walls and Hand Crafted Window Treatment
Chapel Hill Kitchen
Chapel Hill Kitchen Design with Handcrafted Pear Lamp & Hand Painted Floral Art.
Chapel Hill Bathroom
Chapel Hill Bathroom Design with Hand Painted Wall Art
Bathroom Design

Furniture Displays

Macy's (Horne's) Log Cabin
Horne’s (Macy’s) Log Cabin Display with Faux Painted Logs & Stones
Country Bedroom
Horne’s (Macy’s) Country Bedroom Display with Hand Painted Stencils
Column Chest
Horne’s (Macy’s) Armoire Display with Faux Painted Walls
Horne's Dining Room
Horne’s (Macy’s) Dining Room Display with Faux Painted Walls

Store Design

Horne's Furniture Store
Horne’s Furniture Store Design, with Hand Painted Walls, Hand Crafted Window Treatments, Floral Arrangements, and Furniture Displays.
Yosemite Habitat Green Store
Yosemite Habitat Green Store Design, with Hand Crafted Fixtures, Hand Painted Floors & Ceilings, Hand Drawn Signs and Visual Merchandising

Fixture Design

Yosemite Glacier Point Counter
Yosemite Glacier Point Counter Design
Yosemite Curry Village Gondola
Yosemite Curry Village Gondola Design
Yosemite Habitat Green Store Counter
Yosemite Habitat Green Store Counter Design & Handcrafted
Yosemite Plush Fixture
Yosemite Village Store Plush Fixture Design

Good Day Display